No analog skills

Impending motherhood has me considering gaining some analog skills. I am better with anything digital but I find that with all this time on my hands I want to learn knitting or some such nonsense. I found two books on Amazon all about knitting a monster nursery. I do think we are going to go with a monster nursery theme and I’d love to use some of my crazy cali free time to make this happen but so far I think I’ve been avoiding taking lessons. It’s easy to say that I’ve been feeling bad and the weather is crazy hot. I just have never really been one of “those crafty” people. EVER. I guess it’s not too late to start.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.21.02 PM


Gentle Yoga

I have finally made it to a yoga class at the rec center in Modjeska! I’ve been attempting yoga everyday at home and it gets hard because the dogs LOVE the yoga mat. The mat comes out and they both lay on it. Invariably I will need to get to the restroom and when I come back they are both usually just lounging on the mat wondering why they need to move. Now that blankets and pillows are involved – forget it!!! They just love it. Maybe I should produce a new prenatal and doga (yoga with your dog) video…

But back to gentle yoga in the canyon… the instructor is awesome but the ladies who go are a little “gossipy”. I put my mat down – as close to the restroom as I could get and everyone coming in wanted to know what there was a mat there. I guess they dont get a lot of new additions to the class. Everyone did introduce themselves but with my pregnant brain there’s no recall on tap. None what-so-ever. Makes me feel stupid but hey that maybe the feeling for a while.

OC Midwife meeting

I met with the 2nd set of midwife services here in the OC and while it went better than the first I can’t say that I was getting the “go ahead” vibe. I get that birthing babies might not be the most “professional” of services. I also get that you can not always judge a book by the cover but the lady I met with was covered in “shmutz” as if she just got done baking cookies and haggard as hell… she mentioned that she has 6 kids in a broad age range and while I think that’s awesome I just wanted her to brush her hair and put on a clean shirt. When I thought about her touching me anywhere at all I found myself wondering if I could ask to watch while she washed her hands to ensure that she did… not the best of starts. This place also had a rather high transfer rate – close to 20%. I did ask who they transfer to and may just see about meeting with him. This clinic reminded me of the IVF clinic with $1500 in office fees out-of-pocket and then onto insurance coverage. Which I’d hate to do and then have to transfer to a hospital. In the end I think I still need to track down an OB and hospital that I am comfortable with…