Preggo things that make me a little sad…

I am rather ready to download this child. The last few weeks have been the hardest of the whole pregnancy and that’s saying something. For the record I know that there are good things coming down the pike with the child but right now I find there are just a few things that have left me feeling just a little low – who knows what comes back after having the baby but in no particular order here are the Preggo things that make me sad –

National Geographic Breasts – I was not ready to have my areola’s and nipples change color – let alone nipples changing shape. I caught my breasts in the mirror today and just cried for a bit. All I could think about was NatGeo. I miss both my pink-esque areolas and normal nipples. I get that these need to change and whatnot but boy so not ready today for the viewing. I liked my breasts and may never see them again.

Clothing – I was so stoked to think about getting back to my everyday clothes and then the breastfeeding class put on the brakes. Will need access to boobs does not equal favorite clothing from the past. Sigh. No ordering new bras for a bit either. I don’t even want to consider my feet.

My Period – I have not missed this – AT ALL. I do not want it to come back after the baby is born. Makes me sad to think I’ll have to go back to bleeding at least once a month. All those tampons and pads and cramps. One of the best things about being preggo has been no period. Seriously. But he will arrive and AF will make a come back. O’ joy.

Time with the husband – I never thought about losing our one-on-one time together. For 14 years it’s just been the two of us and it does make me a little sad to think we won’t have that kind’ve time anymore. It’s a little grief for a bigger gain but in all the TTC this was one piece of our lives that I never really realized just how much I value, look forward to and count on.

I know we will figure this thing out – for good or not so good – and that I am a huge bundle of emotions but I just wanted to acknowledge that there are things that leave me feeling a little sad in the grand scheme of things. I signed up for this. We are doing this but there’s still the ebb and flow of emotions.




Full Term

We have been considered “full term” for about two weeks now. New OB Dr. J is estimating that the boy is about 9 pounds as of today based on all the measurements but “these things can be off…” I’ve also lost two pounds since last week. Crazy with all things considered. I feel like that blueberry girl from Willy Wonka – all swollen but without the candy. I haven’t been blogging or reading much. Walking the dogs seems to take most of my energy. Getting up and down brings on it’s own challenge but I can still touch my toes. Although there is no viewing of the navel. I had to get the buzz to check the belly button and give it a good clean. Don’t want to have that on camera in the coming days…