Geared up to survive…

All in all we’re simply adjusting – its more like surviving. I try to think no further than the next feeding. Little one’s don’t need a heck of a whole lot but I’d have to say there are a few things I do not think I could live without –

 4mom’s MamaRoo –  when I am alone and need to hit the bathroom it is a life saver.

MAM pacifiers – We have also had a ton of cluster feedings and our Doc gave the green light to try a pacifier. Who knew that all pacifiers were NOT created equal. After buying every brand MAM was the only one he’d even use for a little bit but my nipples are oh so ever grateful.

Earth Mama Angel Baby – Nipple Butter and the Bottom Balm. My nipples have felt like I’ve been raising a baby wolverine… seriously. At least this balm gives some major relief. Bottom balm because with cloth diapers you are somewhat limited in what you can put on baby’s bottom and keep the cloth absorbing. Both are simply wonderful.

My Brest Friend nursing pillow – had to get a terry cloth cover for it so it would be warmer but this pillow adjusts around your waist and for us we can sway and dance a little while breast feeding during his fussy times (yes while standing). Lifesaver for us. You do need to brace across the baby with one arm and I always end up holding the nursing breast with the other hand… some times I even end up wearing a headlamp on low so we don’t have to turn any lights on. The things we will do to keep an infant sleepy!!!

“Maggie” fleece sleeper – I have no idea what this thing is called. We call it the maggie after the Simpsons. After several nights of low sleep my hand eye coordination can not seem to overcome the challenge of snaps and those cute little night gowns that go over his head…well they are the best way to have him up for hours by attempting to change one. With the maggie I can change the diaper, get him out of it for skintoskin feeding and back in before he knows what happened! Now we just need to buy more than one.



Life after download

Day 25 – it’s surreal to even consider that our little guy has been here 3 weeks. The time has flown. While parenting a newborn isn’t exactly easy it’s a hellva lot better than delivering him!!!!

You just never know what’s going to work to soothe and ease the day or night. We aren’t getting very much sleep – the good news is the huzz is getting the diaper changes down. It used to be I’d here a ton of dialogue from the baby’s bedroom and lots of “Oh my god he’s peeing down the wall – what do I do…?!” As if I have a solution – “like cover his penis with anything…(your hand counts) and be sure to wipe the wall down…” things you never thought you’d say.




Late notice on our little boy’s arrival…

After going through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life I am happy to say that our little boy arrived – in tact and will all working parts (I worried all pregnancy long…) 39 hours of violating labor ended with a c-section and one amazingly healthy little boy.

He arrived on 12/3 @ 3:49pm weighing 8 lbs and measuring 19.5 inches long.

I hate to say that I have been both equal parts thrilled, depressed, weepy and overwhelmed but his arrival has triggered a ton of crazy hormonal feelings. BUT I am also completely in love with the “Hiccup King”. At the end of my pregnancy almost every night he would get the hiccups and then after a few minutes execute his signature WWE move – the two legged donkey kick. It was amazing to hold him in my arms – have him hiccup and then donkey kick. There was no doubt it was my boy…

More to come but I will leave you with images from him @ 48 hours old.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.36.15 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.35.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.36.04 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.36.28 PM

Bedframe for the dogs!

I must be nesting. It has taken us 6 months to get around to finally cutting and putting together a new bed frame for both us and the dogs. In Colorado we had a large metal frame that the MeanBean would hide under so we started just putting her bed under for her. She’s 50 lbs and that frame is higher than most. She loved her “troll cave”. With the loss of sq/ft in this new house I really wanted to build a frame for our mattress that fit all our needs. We found out from the old frame that the dogs only really wanted to be on their beds under the bed and the rest got really dusty from having them under. Here in the new place we need storage…

So we figured out a design that lets us store 8 large clothes baskets – 4 on one upper shelf and 4 on the floor with a wall between storage and dog beds. Both round Costco dog beds fit under the bed. AND at 9 months and change pregnant I can get in and out of it. Both MeanBean and Ruger have been LOVING it! It’s taken a little bit of an adjustment. We didn’t realize just how much the MB snores and it can be surprisingly loud… now when the baby comes home and all are adjusting both beasties will have a safe place to retreat to.

IMG_5805 IMG_5806

And now for your viewing pleasure

Little Mile High (who may be reaching the 9lb mark but then again maybe not but I feel HUGE) – Good news is he has dropped down lower than ever. I keep worrying that right about now I am going to end up with a belly covered in stretch marks but so far so good. My lower back is starting to really hurt and moving in Yoga is almost embarrassing. It’s just harder to move!

We are dropping weight in these last few days but the Dr. isn’t worried. The baby has plenty of fluid and blood pressure remains 110/80. I continue to visit the restroom more than I ever thought possible and sleep is harder and harder to find.

Come on little one – I don’t want to rush you but…

IMG_5816 IMG_5815

Crib is together

I guess we can get on with having this baby. The crib is together AND the car seat is in the car. Now onto the packing of the hospital bag for me. I have both the baby’s and the huzz’s bags packed – the huzz is worried about snacks so we are treating the hospital stay a lot like a cross country road trip. He should be fine! But he’s getting more and more stressed out by the day… good news is there is plenty of stress eating snacks for him – in HIS bag. 🙂