Mother ‘Hood – we are all parents first

I have been laughing about this one – parent hood comes with a crap ton of judgement from other parents. The formula makers had fun making this one!


Well Baby Check @ 6 weeks


We met with our pediatrician whom we have nicknamed Dr. Magoo (he has more hair but closes his eyes when he talks to you and calling him Gilbert or Gottfried wasn’t as memorable!) BUT he is a very skilled and knowledgable baby doc. We love to watch him handle our kid – he makes it look super easy almost like baby origami. The office was crazy busy and it wasn’t until after we left that I realized Monday was one of those semi-holidays, where everything is open but you get no mail unless you work for the government and then you get the day off. Which explained the crowd!

All in all we are managing to keep our little alive and he has managed to gain 2 pounds and 2 inches in 4 weeks. A little ahead of the expected schedule. We don’t hold a ton of attention in charts and the “milestones” but it is good to know what might be coming up.


Wonder weeks

I was reminded about one of the last books that I read – The Wonder Weeks. First you get the 3 signs of the coming babypocolyps – clinginess, crankiness and crying. “The tell-tale signs of a period in which the child makes a major leap forward in his mental development” or more accurately the signs you are about to feel like a failure as a mother.  Good thing there are several of these periods coming up! I guess I now know that if he’s sleeping poorly we’re in for an evening ride of epic proportions.

Wonder Weeks and Fussy Periods:

  • Wonder Week 5 – fussiness starts around 5 weeks and usually lasts 1-7 days.
  • Wonder Week 8 – fussiness starts around 8 weeks and usually lasts 3-14 days
  • Wonder Week 12 – fussiness starts around 12 weeks/2.8 months and usually lasts 1-7 days
  • Wonder Week 19 – fussiness starts around 15 weeks/3.5 months, peaks at 17 weeks and skills appear around 19 weeks. It usually lasts 1-6 weeks **From now on Fussy periods will last longer than previously
  • Wonder Week 26 – fussiness starts around 23 weeks/5.3 months, peaks at 26 weeks and skills appear around 26 weeks. It usually lasts 1-5 weeks
  • Weeks 29/30 or 6.8 months – This isn’t actually a Wonder Week, but many babies act fussy during this time as they begin to understand that their mommy can leave them.
  • Wonder Week 37 – fussiness starts around 34 weeks/7.8 months, peaks at 36 weeks and skills appear around 37 weeks. It usually lasts 3-6 weeks
  • Wonder Week 46 – fussiness starts around 42 weeks/9.7 months, peaks at 44 weeks and skills appear around 46 weeks. It usually lasts 3-7 weeks
  • Wonder Week 55 – fussiness starts around 51 weeks/11.7 months, often peaks at 53 weeks and skills appear around 55 weeks. It usually lasts 3-6 weeks
  • Wonder Week 64 / 14.7 months
  • Wonder Week 75 / 17.2 months
  • Over 20 months – Other wonder weeks have been documented throughout childhood. It is also suspected that adults even go through some wonder weeks.

Just past week 6 with “newer” baby and feeling like a failure

We hit just past the 6 week mark and I started to wonder what happened to my happy baby? When did the devil child arrive?! And for the love of god WHAT brought it all on…

Just when I think I can manage the figuring out things with an infant;

clean diaper – check

full tummy – check

nothing poking him (clothing tags and whatnot) – check

Hot or cold – hands and feet feel warm we’re in “goldilocks land”  – check

What is left?

Change holding position – check

Swaddle – check

Run through the 5 “s” – check

Offer nipple for comfort – check

Bounce on balance ball with 5s child

he keeps crying… and crying and I FIND OUT I AM A ONE TRICK PONY – he won’t calm down and refuses even comfort boob. No boob and still problems. I got nothing… well almost nothing.

I resorted to the only other thing I could think of – I gave him a midnight bath. He stopped crying while in the bath but started back up once dry and in arms. An hour later he passed out exhausted and slept for a bit but was in much better spirits when he woke. I certainly wasn’t!! A milk duct on my left breast clogged – talk about pain. Exhausted and super tired – in pain and badly needing sleep I kept looking back over our day to see where things might’ve gone wrong. Cause whatever IT was I did not want to deliberately repeat it. The  mommy detective reflection only goes so far. Was it something I ate? Was he overstimulated? Gas pains?

Best I can deduce is that he had been nursing “distractedly” – hence the clogged duct. We have had a lot more wide eye awake time. I did notice him looking around while nursing but didn’t think much of it. I also think we managed to miss his early “overstimulated” cues and viola Devil baby arrived for the night. I spent Thursday and Friday nursing him in a darkened room and that seems to be working much better… wish there was a secret decoder ring cause when cries reach that heart bracingly unhappy devil baby pitch – no two ways about it – its so hard to hear and you just want to give comfort. Epic fail.

Insanity – complete insanity

Having this little one has been one crazy hormonal ride. Seriously crazy. The tears have tapered off and now the sleeplessness is becoming the New Normal. I feel like I usually have breast milk drying somewhere on my body or clothes and a shower only lasts so long. Our Pediatrician has me so paranoid about long hairs and “wrapping around little body parts” that I am keeping my hair up constantly… but I digress. I found that I was sad today because we do not have an embryo on ice. There isn’t another shot at a child for us. I found myself wondering about when you could start IVF again after having a baby… I think I have a touch of crazy happening right now. So grateful to even be here but another one would be nice too. It’s only been a month…