Lunch with baby

In-laws did not want to move the baby for lunch…IMG_6405


Winter comes to Colorado and stays for a bit!

Our boy is having his first “winter” even though I am louth to bundle him and take him on errands. I just want him inside and toasty warm. The huzz headed back to Cali so I am dealing with dogs and in-laws on my own (in that order). I didn’t really want to stay with his folks for this long, I wanted to head back up to the high country but walking the dogs with the little one in this weather isn’t really an option… (and our dog walker in breck has flaked!) So here I am enjoying winter!

IMG_6388 IMG_6395 IMG_6408 IMG_6410

Colorado Car Trip

We are still in the midst of our first car trip out to Colorado! The drive took two days and we stopped every 2 hours or so to walk the dogs and nurse. I am still shocked at how well the boy did. He loves his car seat and he loves car rides – as long as the car is moving. We only had the start of one major melt down and that was right before Vail pass. The buzz has us stop in his favorite parking garage… only it was us and 100,000 other people since there was a major ski event happening!! But we nursed and diaper changed and then all was well. The drive took two days and was simply uneventful. We managed to meet up with winter on this trip and have had to try more fleece and technical clothing for the little one. He has been less than trilled with the layers. I did buy the wool bunting for his car seat and it keeps him a little “too” hot but I honestly feel that is so much better than him being cold. Overall I thought the trip went really well. The only thing that gave me HUGE mom guilt is I packed light for us and just thought we’d wash things when we got to Colorado. I haven’t don’t anything crazy special for his clothes. I just use the same eco friendly detergent that we have always used. Although I do line dry a lot in Cali – but that is beside the point. I washed with what was on hand and he was really unhappy… it took me a few minutes to figure it out but his skin flushed and he was in distress. I should have thought to bring our laundry soap with us. Live and learn.

joker unhappy Bunny Happy Baby

All for the love of a hairbrush

I had forgotten how much our newborn boy loves to have his hair brushed… At the hospital they gave us this little kit with a very soft bristled brush. One of the nurses would come in even after her shift the next day and brush his hair. He looked a little like a kitten preening under the attention. I recall that we all found it pretty damn funny at the time. Since then I have not brushed his hair once. Just didn’t give it a second thought. Of course he’s not really rocking a whole lot up there and I am still rather bleary eyed but yesterday during lunch #4 I had the hair brush near to hand (as I am now packing for a road trip to Colorado). So I brushed and he just preened. It was all stop on nursing and clearly just plain enjoyment. Who knew?! A hairbrush could be the cause of such joy…

Winning the Breastling war and baby hands

Now that we are really getting into the groove of breast feeding I must say that I love watching his hand positions when we feed. I tend to think of these joint meals as numbered sessions starting at midnight where we typically have breakfast #1 and we’ll have maybe 5 or 6 breakfasts before we even get to lunch #1 and then we don’t start counting dinners until after 6pm. But lately it’s the hand positions that have me cracking up. There seems to be so many of them now that we have stopped the breastling (and boy was that was a trial). Breastling is the art of trying to breast feed while baby hands are wrestling with either one or both breasts (or each other) while the intended nipple is wrestled with by mouth… I never thought we’d get it down. Breast feeding and new mom confidence went hand in hand for me… Don’t get me started on the weeks where we used a shield… but back to hands and meals. He’s so funny with these. Sorry about the pictures but they are all from late or early night sessions hence the lack of focus and increased grain (and I tried to keep them on the “tasteful”side of things). The huzz now comes over to see where we are session wise and he likes to comment on how the feeding is going depending on where the wee’s hands are. I’ll hear “oh yeah he’s going down to nap” once he sees a superman arm or “clearly this is going to take a while… maybe I should go and walk the dogs” when dukes are up. I am sure it’s a “new mom” thing to get OCD on the details but in a ton of ways sharing his hand positions with the huzz has started more dialogue and inclusion when me and the wee are spending time together on a breast.

We have in no particular order –

Arm Drape – entire arm thrown over the breast and a vigorous session of chow then ensues.


Dukes Up – fists are tight and right by his face. He’s focused on eating and going like the cleaner fish in an aquarium. I know we will be here a while and if we turn on our side it becomes Fist Pillow time. This is the most common 3 breast feed and clearly his favorite. We start on Monster breast and switch only to end back up on Monster… oh I recall the days when I had no name for the left breast.


Superman Arm – his top arm is straight as an arrow and limp, hanging almost trailing behind his back like he’s flying. This usually means he’ll eat until he is full and may not go for the “third” breast after eating off of each one. Sleep is next up.

Jazz Hand is always accompanied by breast stroking – I love this one as it usually means he is in a good mood and there will be slow nursing with lots of starts and stops with smiles in between.

The Head Rub – he rubs the top of his head the whole feeding… seriously.


Running Man Arms – one up and bent 90 degrees @ elbow the other arm in the same position but down. I’ve come to dread these arms because they are typical seen when we will be dallying over the breast for hours. Thank god for Netflix because we will be here a very long while.

“I See Nothing” when I nurse – he’ll have his hands over his eyes the whole time. No stroking no moving just up and covered,


Since we’ve been doing a few meals laying down together I now get the Hand Stop in between my breasts. He will just jam it right in and keep it there the whole time – and this picture was the first “unlatch” deliberately 7 weeks in. I was stunned! It happened. They said it would and it did. The mythical unlatch.


I was told that the baby would unlatch when “done” but in two months he has only managed to unlatch a handful of times and once was clearly a startle reflex… I’ve been researching slings and carriers because I’d like to take the daylight breastfeeding on the go! Feeding for hours on end inside leaves a lot to be desired. He’s cute and all but it’s mind numbing…

Sleepless ramblings on the first shades of motherhood

It’s funny but when I was pregnant the most heard expression was “get your sleep now” which in looking back is the worst advice EVER. I don’t get why folks don’t give practical advice like – start doing everything one handed, get your dental visits in before the baby arrives, buy a headset for your home phone or better yet go wireless, don’t read parenting books but take time to figure out the new camera before you need it, download a few audio books for when you eyes are too tired to read… and so on. You can’t bank sleep so trying to get it in before hand isn’t really worth it. I don’t even remember what a good night sleep was like. Right now the wee is down and I am wide awake and blogging! Wish sleep wasn’t elusive right now but there is no forcing it.

Now that he is here and we are getting a little more out and the crap advice is all about how  “it all goes by so fast”… and we get that too but he’s only been here 8 weeks. Can we just enjoy the here and now?!

I think I have mentioned before that with a lack of sleep comes a slowing of time. Nothing feels like it’s flying by or going fast. The Huzz thought that even in his drunken college days he never felt this tired or strung out. I don’t really have anything to compare parenthood with. For me it’s a clear slowing down of my critical thinking skills. I can’t think of the word – REALLY SIMPLE WORDS but I can recall what it does. As in “honey can you hand me the thing that makes light…” when asking my huzz for a headlamp so I can go and walk the dogs but “headlamp” has been wiped from my vocabulary for the moment. It’s so bizarre and yet constant. So my daily dialogue has more sentences describing the word I am thinking of verses using the right word. Maybe I should say I am working on my pictionary skills instead of slowly losing my IQ to motherhood. The parents I have asked about this say it’s normal and one day my mind will come back. Since everything is colored a new shade of normal since his arrival I am not sure I’ll even notice when and if this happens. I sure do hope that I can keep up the descriptions of the words that I’d really like to say otherwise I am completely screwed.