Hiking in the canyon

It’s taken a little over 3 months for me to start feeling like myself and finally I made it out for a morning hike – just wanted to share.

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I stopped keeping track of the ignorant things folks shared with both myself and my huzz along our infertility journey… so many sad and ignorant comments (and not always in that order!) And now from an over priced fashion brand comes –

“The only family is the traditional one,”

“No chemical offspring and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed”

“babies that are the result of in vitro fertilization (IVF) are “synthetic.” (umm…)

My world view is forever changed by our journey along side infertility. I say rent any uterus you want. If it takes DNA from 3 or more people to “make up” a genetically normal embryo – GO FOR IT!

Family is a collection of people who love each other unconditionally. Define your own family any way you want and ignore the stupid people who comment on things they do not know or have experienced.

The great cloth diaper search

We have been searching for cloth diapers. You think this would be an easy do but with so many makes and models… it’s not that easy. We started with g diapers and really liked them right up until the little one actually had a bladder (about now) and then they just didn’t work. We wet through clothes, blankets and my lap. We have researched and used several disposable diapers but both of us agree – he’s more “normal and pink” in cloth than anything else. When my huzz says he likes the cloth better than the disposable then I know there’s something to look into. He’s not wrong. So we have been focusing on our cloth options. It was both fast and a  no brainer to realize we weren’t fans of prefolds with covers. I don’t want to diaper twice every time.

I should also disclose that I think I have an issue with washing clothes – so cloth diapers don’t really phase me.

On to the diapers. We purchased and used several brands of diapers but have really taken it down to one brand out of Canada – KaWaii. http://www.theluvyourbaby.com

Dollar for dollar there is no way to beat this diaper. We purchased one of their specials that had 28 diapers OS and added 4 more from their organic green label for less than $200.00. (Moms have been raving over their bamboo inserts and so far I like them but I feel that I received so many inserts I many never even get to use the bamboo that often) Consider that for Rumparooz they are $25 a diaper and we’d have 8 for over the price of the 32 we received. Most cloth diaper folks recommend at least 24 diapers for everyday use. I did buy two of the rumparooz but there really doesn’t seem to be a difference in quality between them and the Kawaii. Both have diapers that have the double gussets (for Kawaii it’s their highly positively reviewed overnighter ones). They have several types. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in these diapers. Will keep you guys posted on if after several washes there seems to be one.

I am not a “cover chaser” – I still can’t believe women (face it men won’t and don’t) care about they style of the cover. Kids crap in these I just want the diaper to contain what is coming out!!!