Pushing stroller up hills

It’s time to start working on losing my “kangaroo pouch”. Since having the wee one I haven’t been back to either yoga or the gym. AND I don’t think the gym will be on the docket until we’re settled in the new house. It was the teenage girl incident that really had me thinking about getting out of my flip flops and into sneakers. Then that started the whole “will I fit in my old clothes” which started the “holy shit I have a kangaroo pouch when i try to wear anything without a draw string”…and that started a whole debate about how best to get started. Suffice it to say I’ve been out hiking in 3 different baby carriers and think I’ve found one that we can put some miles in. (Nothing makes you feel your “pouch” like the waist strap of a baby carrier…)

I am excited to get back out on the trails even if it’s not pretty. Off road strollers are not REALLY for off road. Or if they are they aren’t made for Colorado single track. We decided to hike a trail in Golden called North Table Mountain. Great trail but the start and end are uphill. Way uphill but stroller friendly. I am sad to say that it was the most sweating I have done since 63 hours of labor! But uphill and around we went and it was awesome!!

IMG_7966 IMG_7960 IMG_7962 IMG_7963 IMG_7965


Trying to catch up

Our last weekend in Summit was really wonderful! We had great weather and managed to finally get the wee one out in his new Chariot rig. We have been researching backpacks and while on the cusp of committing to one a friend gave us a Sherpani to try. What can I say other than the pack is awful. Glad we didn’t buy it! It’s off to REI this morning to try one new ones and see which one is going to make the best sense. I bring all this up because we hikes straight creek (didn’t even know trails existed that you could take a stroller on that aren’t paved!) with the Thule Chariot Stroller this weekend and loved it. Hardest part was having to load it up over the log bridge to get to the other side! Glad the huzz was with us because I wouldn’t want to do that on my own!


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Bunny troubles ending?

We delayed our departure to Summit by a night. The wee one is teething and he went down early last night. No way am I moving him. This kid has slept though a fire alarm in the late evening hours of a hotel stay but god forbid I decide to move him. Then he’s wide awake and unable to get back to sleep. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera this morning. Out for our first stroll whole family in tow and we spy a HUGE bald eagle on the ground by the tree. I think I even asked the huzz if it was a bald eagle. The dumb things you say when you don’t believe your eyes… The eagle was adjusting his big bunny kill. We got to see him fly off at a very low pace given his load. I smile just thinking about one less bunny on the walks.

Colorado Pediatrician Search

I was ever hopeful that we had found a new pediatrician and I may just stay with him through the next few rounds of well baby checks. An old co-worker with a 2 year old (we go way back – back to working in Santa Monica circa 1999) recommended him. I think of him as Dr. LittleShirt. He’s little and wears the same brand shirt every where. In press pics, when you meet him. I don’t think you can judge a doctor by their clothes but some one told him that jewel tones and pinpoint oxford would work for him for daily wear. He’s young-ish and building a practice. Takes the time to listen. Only open weekdays with one waiting room and two exam rooms. Dr. LittleShirt seemed more interested in talking about “stopping the night feedings”… oh and having me fill out a long 6 page form survey for motor skills.

If you haven’t seen one it was kind’ve interesting. ASQ-3.6monthquestionnaire

There’s a longer list of cons for him right now but with everything else on the plate going to just go for it and keep looking.

In more interesting news the wee is 22 pounds 11 oz, 31 inches long (5 inches shy of 3ft at 7 months!) I forget the head size but we are not “charting” in any category. He’s just a big kid. Really big kid.

Flip flops and the teenage girls

I’ve been debating on posting about this experience yesterday and have finally opted that it’s probably worth a share. I think I am a touch depressed and stuck in our daily routine. Which isn’t surprising since we are in between homes, back in Colorado and waiting for a house to be finished when they haven’t even broken ground. Did I also mention that the wee one has his second tooth arriving? Right next to the first one. We are back to crazy cranky and up most of the night crying. Rough all around. But our life is really simple. There aren’t any real “mission critical” items that we are dealing with. Thriving is happening not just survival. It does make the daily drama seem trite. Back to the flip flops and teenagers.

I’ve been walking several times a day every chance we get. I have also not gotten out of my SoCal flip flops. I moved into them when 4 months pregnant and haven’t left them. I wasn’t even really aware that these black chacos have been all that have been on my feet for almost a year… even sounds crazy when I put it out there like that. I load up the kiddo, dog and away we go to loop around the lake or stroll on one of the paved paths around here. I have given no thought to time of day or where we are going. Whim carries us. That is until yesterday.

There’s a mama hawk nesting in the trees near the park around the corner. We first noticed her on an unhappy morning when my huzz pointed out a baby bunny that was “too far from it’s parents…” this became the subject we talked about around the lake. When we got back to where the baby bunny had been we surprised a hawk with her kill and away she flew with nut brown baby bunny as late breakfast. There was a definite air of told you so from the huzz. Go figure. I’ve been keeping an eye out ever since for Ms. LadyHawk and managed to find her nest. Not hard to miss as every few days there’s a dead bunny or bunny parts near it. My point here is I think I stroll by her nest more and more just to see what’s going on. Yesterday there were three teenage girl hanging out at the covered picnic place. Her nest is up the tree to the far right.


Not trying to be PC here but two were white gals – one fat, one skinny and the ring leader was of Asian decent. All looked way to young to be hanging out but everyone looks young to me these days. Not relevant to the story per se but worth mentioning. Ruger slows us down every walk with his bunny “hunting”. When he spies a bunny he stalks very slowly in the direction of the prey and starts to mouth breathe. Thats it. We could spend 20 minutes hunting every bunny he spies this way. There’s no rush. No charge. No urgency. I usually let him stalk the first 5 or 6 then I walk toward the rest and get them to run away so we can keep walking. We are walking very mellow with Ruger stalking and the baby asleep when these 3 girls start yelling something at me from where they are sitting. I’m not paying attention and I can’t make it out so I stop and ask “Sorry – what are you asking me?”. I’m on the side walk and they are under the structure. All three bust out laughing. Like me asking was the funniest thing ever. It’s clear they are bored and I am now some form of entertainment for them. I just keep walking. Don’t know whats going on and don’t care. We continue walking and Ruger’s doing his stalking thing. We get a little ways away from the girls and then they decide to start yelling at “us” and following along. I can’t really tell what they are yelling but I’m not up for a confrontation. There’s no one around anywhere… I’m in fucking flip flops and the dog is hunting bunnies so I have to drag him along if we are going to keep moving. I stop and turn around and the ring leader is saying something about a “mrs fucking bitch” loudly (its not really yelling as I have crossed the road seriously dragging the dog along at this point).

I am not a confrontational person. I do not think that these girls were really going to “do anything” but given their behavior and the fact that I am now being followed home by them… I don’t know what to think. I am not up for anything and don’t care to be part of whatever is going on here. They are yelling again, we keep walking. Don’t want cranky baby to wake up. So we take the quick jig around the corner and duck into our house by the back porch. I see the girls walking by from the shaded window looking for us. Very creepy. Glad we had a head start and they weren’t right behind.

But now it’s changed how I feel about the walks. I’d rather be out when there are more people walking then mid-day when no one is around. I don’t want to walk in my flip flops any more because what if we need to run?! Maybe this is just a good time in my life to evaluate how fast I am moving and if there’s room to increase the pace. Lots to benefit from in either case.