Wet Washcloths

Who knew?! When teething the new incoming side teeth that a wet wash cloth could be long minutes of time focused. Yes long minutes of entertainment. I first got the idea from bath time. We received a turtle wash cloth designed for keeping the wee warm when in the bath. You wet it and then place the arms and legs across the kiddos torso – in essence keeping the wee warmer longer. While the wee would always lift it off and suck the water out. Every time.  What can you do? Then in the lobster chair when I try to wash his hand he sees the wash cloth and tries to consume the cloth. I figured what the hell give him a wet one and see what happens. Better than any toy around. Wet washcloth. Why don’t the organic vegan moms ever offer WASH CLOTHS as the only possible organic free range gift possible?! I’ve never seen my kiddo go crazy for a wooden spoon but wet wash cloth is good 24 hours a day whenever a distraction is needed. (and thats just for right now cause I am sure everything will change before I realize it.)


Grinding the chiclets

The wee one loves to click/grind his 4 little chiclet teeth together. I can’t stand the sound and we have yet to communicate in a way that can get him to stop doing this. The sound is like nails on a chalk board. It makes me cringe. He’s now doing this in his sleep. I know this because my breast and his teeth do not go together. When he falls fast asleep he grinds those shark sharp teeth together. When he falls asleep on the breast if I don’t get the nipple out in time I know he’s asleep when the chiclets grind… not my favorite. I jump, he wakes up and days of sore breast nursing. Now I have to try to time how long he’s been on the breast in order to remove it sooner as opposed to later. Some times he’s not interested in letting go… but I so do not want to be bitten. Yeah for teeth.

Book recommendations from a mom of a 18 month old –

Was thrilled to get some book recommendations!!!!

Moo Baa La La La – Sandra Boynton – fun animal noises and the chance to say no

Barnyard Dance – Sandra Boynton – mentioned in Kariane’s post, this one is great.

Brown Bear Brown Bear – Eric Carle – animal noises

From Head to Toe – Eric Carle – a different activity to do on each page, like chest thumping

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes – Mem Fox – babies

Helpful Tractor – Melinda Melton Crow – I don’t quite know why this one is so fascinating

Big Red Barn – Margaret Wise Brown – animals and cool pictures

The Jenner PJ’s

I dont know why people get all up in arms over boys clothes and girls clothes. I’ve been wanting to try a new style of sleeper. One from Hanna Andersson which is organic cotton with a full front zipper. The wee has been getting a little carpet burn on his arms from crawling around the g-parents place. I found someone selling 3 of these in the size I thought we needed for $20.


Only downside to the sleepers is they are clearly pink trimmed and girl weighted theme wise. One has pink mice, one has cupcakes and the other is the pink alphabet. What the heck do I care?! Well the sleepers are awesome. The wee is right at the bleeding edge of being too big for them but good to know now so I can buy the next round at the bigger size and have them both fit and last for a little while. The sleepers are great for crawling over anything and hurdling his little body in any direction without skin exposure. Love them even if they are chick-esque.

I really didnt think anything of the sleepers. We found our ybike over at a used kids consignment place after calling around and went to go pick it up. What else do I have to do these days but change diapers and open the mom dairy? So I go to get it with the wee is in his pink mouse sleeper. I dont think anything of it until the ladies there keep telling me what a beautiful baby girl I have. I must’ve looked perplexed because one gal confronts me with “thats not really a girl is it…” I say no he’s just wearing his Jenner pj’s. We both chuckled pretty hard.

Dr Google – HELP!

I googled “baby rolls diaper change” on doc G just to see what other folks had to say on the topic. Most were really lame and not very helpful. Other suggested using a super special toy that is only broken out during diaper changes. One suggested playing back voicemails on the cell phone in order to keep the baby “transfixed” while changing… another said to move the changing to the floor – which I can appreciate as we’ve moved to the bed because the speed rolls on the changing table terrify me even with that sixty cent strap. He rolls and everything just goes with him. So onto the floor for diaper changes it is until the next episode.

Favorite Childrens Books

Since we’ve been on the gift kick I am wondering what mom’s favorite childrens books are? We’ve gathered up the favorites from our childhood – Seuss, Pooh, Curious George, Beatrix Potter, Wise Brown and Where the Wild Things Are to name a few. We’re not really Disney fans but I am sure those may make an appearance when requested. We have been loving any book by Sandra Boynton and I think we have them all.

I just know there are some gems out there that we have yet to run across…

Any thoughts?

Gift Ideas for first birthday

As I have been thinking about the approaching 12 month mark I wanted to research and see what gifts would be most useful. We’re puppet walking, first word talking and generally just enjoying life. I thought to start with scoot toys – the next phase of movement before I am left just trying to keep up . I also knew that I wanted some sensory toys, but not which ones. I do love books. I’ll leave that for the next post. 

It would be nice to know what folks might be thinking of (or have thought of and enjoyed) either first birthday or first Christmas/Holiday. We opted for the Pwei Ybike – something about it just seemed like he’d dig it for a bit and that made it the bday gift.

 Amazon.com: Pewi Ybike Ride On Toy and Walking Buddy (Blue): Sports & Outdoors

After researching scooting toys folks also seemed to love the Fly Bike. Did look at the Radio Flyer scoot toy and another wooden one from Habe. There’s a bee that seems popular too. I always see them around.
Amazon.com : Fly Bike® Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Toddlers Glide Tricycle – No Assembly Required – Red : Baby

We also really love green toys. They have stackers, shape sorters, teethers and a dump truck. Costco just had this set for $19 –

Amazon.com : Green Toys Seaplane & Submarine Bath Toys : Baby

The rest are items that seemed interesting enough worth mentioning.

Easy rider truck – pull/ride/push

Amazon.com: Little Tikes Easy Rider Truck: Toys & Games

Sensory blocks
Amazon.com: Rainbow Sound Blocks: Toys & Games

Rue the WorryRoo Monster – hadnt heard of this one before.
The Nose That Didn’t Fit ( A Children’s Book About Insecurity) (Worrywoo Monsters): Andi Green: 9780979286018: Amazon.com: Books

We were lucky enough to buy one of these locally and the wee loves it! The balls also roll really well in the lid of a pan. Hours of fun before the world went in motion.

Amazon.com: Hape – Pound & Tap Bench with Slide out Xylophone: Toys & Games