Boulder mom’s and Halloween

It started as an innocent post from another mom – “what is your Halloween candy strategy”… as a mom who has yet to deal with this I was interested in what other moms had to say. I somehow forgot that this was a Boulder mom’s board. The answers were everything from “we never trick or treat”, use the “switch witch”, “let them pick out a candy for every year they are old then throw the rest away” to “Hersey should not be supported as they use slave child labor to harvest the cocoa under deplorable conditions so our kids can celebrate a holiday…” and cue the link to the article and documentary –

Why arent mom’s in arms about this stuff year round?! Are peeps made by forced labor somewhere too?! I really shouldnt kid about such an awful subject but if ever there were a group of educated women who could suck the life out of anything this would be the group. Isnt candy sold 365? Why arent there lines boycotting the Hersey theme park?

I didnt grow up in America. I still dont have a great handle on Halloween. Dress up for a day clearly can be fun and not so hard to understand. Going to other folks houses and getting candy… not so much. Good thing I have that wooden spoon and now I am off to get a bin full of millet. No Hersey involved.


Late night snacks

I brought the huzz some cheese and crackers last night as the wee seemed very disinclined to sleep and he was starving (the huzz that is). The boys were playing and the wee did not seem in the least tired. With cheese and crackers in hand I came down into the bedroom/playroom and bam…  wee dropped what he was doing and came over to eat. Very interest in cheese and crackers so I gave him both. He consumed everything placed in front of him and then some. I did go and get an apple and some pear. He ate those too. He nursed before all the playing but this late night ravenous feeding means the next time he seem restless it just might be time for a snack. Never even occurred to me that he might be hungry.

The rush over told another story. One day I’ll get better at this mom thing.

As October closes

My mother is finally gone! What a long draining visit. All I can say to sum the entire visit up is there wasnt enough of me to take care of another person for such an extended period of time. Dont get me wrong. There’s always more for the wee but feeding and worrying about someone else not the wee was rough (and mom wasnt on the boob she required food or food in the fridge that she could scrounge). Yes you’d think maybe my mother would cook or clean or do something remotely helpful but no. That wasn’t how it all went down. She was on vacation and I wont get into her lack of computer skills and the DAYS spent on the laptop. Her last full day here I had my brother meet us and we took her to the mint in Denver and then off to a place for high tea. It was a very long day for me and the wee. You can not bring a stroller or a back pack into the mint so I had to wear him in the Bjorn one (28 pounds is heavy for over an hour on the front walking around!). I think that people get excited about the mint but it really was a short tour with lots of displays but not much to see. Not high on my list.

We’re still down in the front range trying to get everything settled down here. Then me and the wee will head back up to the high country. I have not made huge strides in getting the condo remodel wrapped up and I really need to. My niece is now heading out to see us for Thanksgiving week. It’s a holiday week. So hoping that we can all just chill and enjoy the cold. She’s from Florida and taking some time to come see the wee out of her graduate time. I think she graduates with her masters in May. The huzz’s folks should be back before then. The last two months of this year are slated to have more family time. I better get something done in the next two weeks!

The devious wee

Oh my how 11 months is amazing! We are on the move. The wee loves to crawl, stand and just move. There may have been a first word or two but it has not repeating every day. So we’re not 100% on the first word. I have been amazed at the growth. Baby led weaning is moving right along. The most surprising part of the self feeding is how good the wee has gotten at picking up the smallest thing and then putting it in his mouth. His pinching skills are rocking. I come over to see what he’s got and ask to see what it is and he’ll rush it into his mouth. I mean RUSH it. I’ve had to man-handle him to get my finger in to sweep out whatever he’s put in it. I swear I vacuum but the wee makes me feel like I am missing way too much in my cleaning. He finds the smallest things and eats them… go figure AND thats when I am watching! Did I mention the devious smile once he gets whatever it is in his mouth? He KNOWS I would’ve taken it away but he got to it first. I keep telling myself he’s building his immune system one small speck of crap at a time – literally. Not sure if it’s a good thing but I cant run the vacuum when he’s napping. I can only run it a little more often and hope I catch the worst of it.

We’ve also started with the “I’m going to get you…” and away he will squeal and crawl faster. I never knew that a little one could crawl so damn fast. I mean really fast!! It’s so surprising. I’ve got to get the camera out and get a recording. He’s not even talking but knows what that means. I love it when he reaches his arms out to be picked up. There’s also a lot of signing for Milk. It’s the one sign we have been working on and sometimes I feel he signs it out of the blue but he’s driving the nursing time. I cant imagine trying to “make” him do anything at this point. He’s got his own mind. It’s so sweet to watch him decide on which toy he’s going to play with. When we were out shopping the other day I bent down with him in my arms to look at some blocks and he pulled a toy off the hanging wall next to me. We bought it for .99 and it’s become one of his favorites. The huzz was surprised to find out the toy was one that he picked out.

The wee is also perfecting his hands free skills. In the tub, the living room or bed room he will put the toy/wash cloth/whatever in his mouth so he can crawl over/up/on. It leaves us laughing so hard. Where do they learn these things?! I’ve never put anything in my mouth like that. He clearly wants hands free but will not give up the toy. I wish he wasnt growing so damn fast. Sometime I look at him and he looks like such a little boy. It is wrong to want more time with him as a little little one?

Boob giggles

There are so many new behaviors and funny moments these days with the wee. By far my new favorite is the “boob giggle”. Every time he sees a breast bared for his drinking pleasure he giggles. When both breast are broken out he goes to full belly laugh some time with hand claps. It’s so funny. I did let the huzz know that if he was that excited every time he got to see the breasts then I’d be excited to have them out more! The giggle just warms my heart. Such enthusiasm! We are still nursing 3 times a night and several times a day. I don’t really keep track anymore as I feel we are always nursing. The good news is the wee is clearly interested in nursing. I know that these days will come to a close and am just trying to enjoy them. Here and now.

Best $25 spent on the remodel so far

All it took was a box of 10 5000k Daylight LED bulbs at Costco! The white light is awesome. I replaced all the bulbs that I could @ $2.50 a pop. Now I need to buy the rest that can be dimmed. What a difference! I have found that I like white/cooler light not yellow warmer AND instant gratification is a powerful force!

Tile is in

Managed to get all the tile in in the shared bath and got the walls painted. Jury is out on the shade of purple but since it’s on the walls we are going with it! On to the master bath. Subfloor then tile. You can see we are covering the vinyl and evening out the transition to the hardwood we installed before pregnancy. We will see how nap time remodel goes this week! Or should I say for the next 3 days as we are already at Wednesday…