Did that really just happen?!

I had to stop my rant on my family hangover. Just had to. Then I realized I forgot to mention the best WTF part. My brother’s pregnant GF, whom I have just met, seriously came out and asked me if the wee was “diseased in any way cuz you were like close to 40 when you had him…” I must have look very perplexed because then my brother chimed in with “yeah like spinal biffieda or something…” Did you just walk in my house, stranger danger my kid, eat a meal and then insult me?! CUZ Thats how its feeling.

I replied the only way I could – with a “not that we know of…”

Not sure why they’d even think that I’d talk about anything health related with them. BUT one thing was clear what little I shared with my mother about our infertility got passed on.


Family Hangover

Before I post about all I am thankful for this holiday I must first take a much needed break in order to recover from my family. You may recall that my estranged mother and father came for a quick visit in October (Huzz hasnt seen my father since our wedding so many years ago before this visit) and then my mom came back in order to “watch the baby” while I tried to wrap up the remodel, which was an epic fail – EPIC FAIL. Then my niece who’s in grad school came out for the Thanksgiving holiday. I thought it would be great to reconnect but then my younger brother (not the youngest who lives in Colorado but the one that again the huzz hasnt seen since our wedding), opted to come by on Thanksgiving for a quick meal/visit/midlifecrisis thing… he drive trucks and took a load that brought him to Denver. Turns out his GF is pregnant with their first kiddo due in March (she has two others…)

Anyway lets not get bogged down by family details. With the move only days old I had to buy a table so there was a place for everyone to sit. Had already committed to the huzz’s folks for Thanksgiving. So we moved up the meal time and dropped off supplies a day early. The meal with his folks was awesome. My fatherinlaw, niece, huzz and the wee all took a nap after afternoon dinner. I got a chance to chat with my MIL and it was just nice. But then we had to run home to meet with my brother and his GF. The huzz put his foot down on the getting everyone together. With just the meeting from years ago he did not want everyone together. Period. Marriage is all about compromise – right?!

The only thing worse than one thanksgiving dinner is having to put together two. We did think about meeting them out but that’s a long day for the wee. Better to put him down in his own space and not deal with weather and driving.

Where do I start? We get back from the inlaws with time to spare. I start putting on dinner… then the niece clogs the main living area toilet. CLOGS IT and we realize we dont have a plunger – did I mention the move?! Stores have just closed for the day. We are 10 minutes too late. My brother is 26 minutes away. There is another bathroom but now the whole living area is starting to smell. The toilet is just a touch away from overflowing foulness everywhere (please stop flushing the toilet niece… if it doesnt work the first two times it’s not going to the next two…) Both the huzz and niece are trying to work on a solution. I have to stop dinner to straighten the master bedroom just in case that bathroom is needed. It’s back to dinner while the solution is being worked on. Then the baby has a blow out. I am seriously over the whole SHIT thing right about then. Over the “attempted” solutions. I call a friend to have the huzz go and borrow their plunger. He gets back as my brother arrives. The niece works on unclogging while the huzz changes the wee. My never-before-visiting brother has no idea whats going on and I am still trying to wrap up the re-heat dinner so my brother goes looking for everyone else in the house and “ruffles” the wee’s hair when he meets him. The wee melts. Stranger danger with a head touch. He’s inconsolable and now I have to stop dinner all together to reassure and nurse…

I’d like to say that the night gets better but it just doesn’t. As everyone sits down to eat the wee needs to nurse again. I opt to sit in the living room. Just not comfortable nursing at the dining room table. Call me crazy but I’d rather be comfortable than polite. The GF just wants to talk about her kids and the custody battle with the ex. I try to focus on the conversation but I get lost because she keeps calling someone “bubby”. I ask the name of her son and she tells me. Then I ask (I thought nicely) if he has a nickname. She tells me no. Never. I think I am just tired and try to follow along. I dont want to change the subject. She’s a guest. I am attempting to just listen and make all the appropriate noises. The “Bubby” thing comes up again and I ask her who she is referring to. She tells me it’s her nickname for her son… OK. So much for the no nickname.

The wee was so upset that I put him in the stroller and wheeled him around for a bit. Would’ve like to have just visited but he wasnt having anyone else. My brother shared his midlife crisis with the huzz and then left an hour later. I am still recovering.


Smoke overload

I am buggered tired. Beyond tired. The cleaners cleaned before we moved in. I swear I didn’t see anything but a clean oven…. I first noticed a smell when using the oven. Then something funky on one side of the bottom of the oven. Couldn’t think for the life of me what I had managed to get/spill in the freaking thing.

I’ve cooked in that oven only a handful of times…

Evidently I have been “melting” something that the cleaners left in the freaking oven… I know this because when I tried to finish a steak and turned to oven on to 350 there was smoke. When the self clean was turned on it there was then billowing smoke – which triggered the fire alarms on the coldest night to date (compete with icy roads and 60 mile an hour wind)

Which made the baby freak out and cry nonstop

dog started violently shaking and peeing on the floor

I melted myself and took all 3 of us to the back bathroom and got in the tub with the door closed. Leaving the huzz to deal with it all.

Still way tired… But the smoke detectors work and I ordered a new bottom pan for the oven. Not cleaning it and not even trying. 

8:30 and down

Last night was night #3 of using the stroller to get the wee to sleep. We ended up trying almost a whole hour earlier as it seemed as if the wee was winding up around 8:15. There used to be sleepy signs like eye rubbing, yawning and a general vibe of “batteries” running down. This week it’s seems like he goes from normal to over drive in a blink. We have been working on the evening “go down” routine. With the move and all the upcoming holiday visits we just want something repeatable anywhere. The stroller fits the bill, is familiar and portable. We will see how it goes.

I wasn’t ready for the hour down earlier and the wee hadn’t nursed after dinner. He still went to sleep in the stroller and fussed a little around 10. So I pulled him and nursed him until he went down. He slept until 5am. There was some night nursing but his sleep seemed solid. I did put him back in the stroller at 5 and walked around until he went back down. He was back up at 9.

Works today. Hope it works tomorrow.

Power of the stroller

I should have never underestimated the power of the stroller. Moving hasn’t been easy on the wee. I think it’s been helpful that we have travelled a bit and spent time at the ski shack. He’s has the most trouble sleeping or should I say getting to sleep. The painful part starts around 8:30. He just seems to go from normal to over stimmed. Like a switch flip. We tried to get him down earlier – no go. Then we did the sleep dance until 11:30… The next night it was break out the stroller and wheel him around the house. 32 degrees outside and rainy with a snow storm supposedly arriving hence the not out in the car driving… And won’t you know it. The stroller worked like a champ. It’s become part of our night time routine. We’ll see how it goes. 

Baby proofing

There were two items that I never even thought about for baby proofing – keeping a door open and then keeping his fingers out of the door once it’s no longer propped open. After gates, outlet covers, safety strips and cabinet locks. Did put those pesky door knob covers on the main door – on the way in side. We are still adjusting to those. Moved all the stuff out from under the cabinets to a top spot by the washer so all under cabinets are open to him. Little worried about the natural dish soap in the kitchen but that’s the worst that’s there.

Wasnt really sure where the line on how much proofing a home really needs vs moving and using things differently. A good example is the my make a toilet lock. We are having a hard time with the adult door knob covers I am not sure that I want to wrestle with a toliet lock but I haven’t been brave enough to look into why these are made… You know it doesn’t end in happiness.



3 am and all is well 

It’s later than 3 now but I was trying to get at least one post out. The wee is up and ready to go. Keep it dark – keep it uninteresting They say. What do you do when he gets up, out and proceeds to play the drum on the door?!

We have taken steps to put his new room together with toys “accessible” to him should he decide at any point. This all started with his favorite blocks and two ikea bins. We have graduated to an open bin toy organizer and two milk crates for books. I am still amazed at how nimble he has gotten with the setup. At this pint he doesn’t pull everything out but seems selective in his toy interests. A certain ball. The favorite dinosaur book. The Melissa and Doug cloth fish with bowl. Puzzles and of course the shape sorter. 


 Hate to sound too uptight but we are also working on putting the toys back in the bins when we are done. Easier to get the stroller around the house later! 
Oh and I did get the monster quilt up on the wall finally! The date on it is 2007 which means I bought my mil the patten in  2006 and 7 years later here we are.