Sippy Cups

I wish I had found these cups when the wee was just starting out. We used the Bjorn cups when we started with cup skills. But it became clear that I needed a way to have him decide if he wanted to drink water vs. wearing it. We have friends who are Dentists and were warned many many times about the dental issues with sippy cups. “Better to drink from a straw…” which we tried with little success until the green sprouts cup. The wee loves this cup. I am little bummed that its another made in China gem.

The only made in USA Sippy cups that I have come across are the replay ones and we may just switch up to those a little later on.

There are a few stainless straw options out there for sippy cups but again all made in China. Maybe I’ve missed one?!


The best box ever!

We heard it from several fronts – kids love boxes. Love the boxes more than presents in them and so on. The wee has enjoyed a box or two since his arrival but nothing like the love for the Costco Shrimp Box. This box is the best thing ever!!!! Lower display on one side – perfect for crawling into. We have been practicing crawling over things and at 12 month this is damn perfect. One would think that the perfect height opening to crawl in and out of would be enough BUT this box is perfect for standing in – either direction. The side rails are great for grabbing on the way up or down.Havent ever purchased shrimp from Costco but the box is really amazing and so far hours of fun!!! We ended up with the blue one.


Emotional life of the toddler

I have been engrossed in a slim read – The Emotional Life of the Toddler. Very very interesting. I have researched and read a lot on the physical and cognitive development of wee ones but nothing on the emotional behavior and reasoning behind. Never really thought about how our relationship is changing from dependence to independence. Not that everything needs a label but so fascinating to see it from a different perspective as it happens. She covers this development from roughly age 1 to 3.

The Magic Years is up next.

The land of wanting

I want another child. I would love to have another child. I am not sure that this is anything other than a true hearts desire. Sleep deprived and crazy and I am still thinking about another kiddo.

Some days it doesnt feel ok to just want.

Some days I want to call the clinic and find out about IVF and starting again.

Some days I wish we had at least another embryo on ice.

Then I vaguely recall all that we went through starting when I was 5 years younger… and wonder if I have the want that badly to attempt it all over again. Older. 3 rounds and we only got one (sounds so pathetic to my ears because at least we got the one) but it’s a true wanting. I feel a little lost in the land of wanting because I do not want to stop nursing to try for a unicorn. I do not want to take away from my time with the wee. Maybe I dont really know what I want. More time with the wee little. He’s looking more and more like a little boy and less baby. It’s bittersweet.

Enough family… (I said it)

I think the best thing that I can say here is my lack of sleep is really driving my desire to not answer the phone when family calls. It was nice seeing my oldest niece. Connecting with my younger brother for a cameo for Thanksgiving #2 was interesting. My mom yoyoing in on the wee’s life is all good too. No judgement. I am happy to smile and wave.

Then my youngest niece calls. Just to connect. This is the “I never even knew I had an aunt until I was 13” call and she’s getting ready to graduate HS this summer. I took the call and answered her questions as honestly as I could. My sister is gone. Her mother has passed. My sister was my demon from my childhood. Any dealings that I have had with her mother I’d love to simply leave in the past. Not bring them up or sharing the experiences with her kids…for me there’s nothing to be gained. She was their mother. I do think that it’s normal to want to speak kindly of the dead. To rework any fiction with a positive slant. Or not so much fiction.

I have had enough “family” for a while. I say this and the huzz’s sister and her two kids are coming for a quick visit in 16 days. Family is what you make of it. I once hear that it takes two women to make a sister. We were not sisters.

I do not want to NOT communicate with this niece. Her reaching out just comes at a time when I am saturated with family. I guess when it rains it pours. Good thing Florida isnt a quick car drive away!

Come and gone

Hard to imagine that we had been getting really really good sleep. Hadnt even been thinking about it until the sleep went away. Now I am bleary eyed and buggered. Wish I could focus long enough to put some posts to print. 7 days past the wee’s first birthday and I am still trying to get my head out of the clouds. I have been trying to sleep during the day but every little noise has me jumping and waking back up.

The good – we are all healthy and relatively happy. Everything is better with sleep.

The bad – two more teeth are coming in up top and BOY is there drool. I’ve been holding off on the pain meds and using more frozen items but I think it’s time for a light dose before bedtime. To see if we can get through the night.

and DIAPER RASH or more specifically one sided testicle rash reared it’s ugly head in our world. Evidently the wee had a “front” poo that wasnt caught in a timely fashion. (My youngest niece called and we caught up for a bit leaving the huzz on diaper duty – not his fault. It might’ve happened either way). BUT DAMN did this come on fast (two hours between diaper one and diaper two – this looked really red and unhappy… period.  Baths, no diaper and zinc oxide has it finally clearing up. I dont think the huzz got any butt butter on the wee for that first change. Added to the teething and man have I felt unprepared. We havent dealt with anything like this for the whole year. No red, no rash. No zinc on hand. We did have some petroleum jelly but that just coats. Ended up with two tubes of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Love the stuff! Huzz says we know that the wee wont get a sunburn there at least.