Glow in the dark bubbles

Thought these would be awesome for camping this season. Going to have to try! I guess it easier to focus on the fun stuff rather than the have to stuff.


Camping with a toddler

I havent managed to get anything of use actually done I’ve spent some time considering our vacation plans for 2016. Since we are “suppose” to close on a home sometime this year I’d like to keep any and all trips cost effective and simple.Of course I say that and am now considering camping with what will be our 20 month old toddler. In August. This last year we went to San Juan Island and loved it. We were able to bring the off road stroller and enjoy several hikes. This year we are looking at camping on Orcas Island for 10 nights (or so). The huzz’s family talked about a cruise to Alaska but the FIL vetoed it and quite frankly I cant wait for the group to make a decision. These will be our vacation plans and a cruise has never been at the top of my list. Just not how I want to see the world. We talked about Alaska and exploring with the wee. I’d love to check out Denali and central Alaska. A lot of the cruises cover SE Alaska and the Glacier Bay National Park. In researching Alaska I found out there is a Marine Highway that takes you from Bellingham to Ketchikan and then all parts beyond. I’d love to do this as a bike trip when the wee is older. At this point he comes with too much stuff (namely diapers) to think of lugging with out a home base. So these leaves Alaska out of the running this year. I’d like to plan a trip to Florida, maybe Ft Meyers for Sanibel Island or Siesta Key. Shallow beaches and lots of shells. I am just not sure on time frame. Easiest type of vacation/get away  in terms of cost and logistics looks like it’s going to be some car camping.

There’s part of me that thinks this is crazy. We did do a car camping trip when the wee was 8 months here in Colorado and the one thing I didnt recall was the “dirt bag” factor. Lots of people smoking (and not just cigarettes) and loudly drinking beer. I get it. We are all on vacation but it must be because we did more destination/backpacking camping that I was really taken aback by this. I wasnt prepared for the DB-factor and it was not my fantasy. Hoping it may be a little different on the island. I am not sure that I am ready to pack it all in back country camping with a newly minted walker. This trip we more than likely wont be bringing the stroller but rather will use the backpack as I know he will have energy to burn. I did reserve a spot at Moran SP that was on the north side of the lake with “excellent” privacy and we purchased a fancy new tent (last year) that is only good for car camping the Ticla Mojave 4 ( It was one of the only tents that the huzz can almost stand up in with a 6 ft 5 in head room.

Now it’s on to planning a few more car camping trips locally to work out the kinks and see how it goes before getting on a ferry.

Where does the time go?

I am not really sure where January has gone. I feel like there is a ton of things that I should be getting done but I am not managing to complete any of them. We did make it up to the high country so the huzz and his dad could go skiing. I may have mention that we think this will be the last season we actually use the ski shack. This summer it becomes a full-time rental. (AND there’s a crap ton to get done there too.) I just dont seem to manage it.

Not sure if it’s me. If I am depressed or just that the kiddo takes up so much time and is priority one. He’s not quite walking yet. Lots of standing and holding while moving and DAMN if he isnt crazy fast while crawling. It’d be amazing to watch but the speed usually means that he trying to get to something before I notice and can snatch it away from him.

Right now I am just trying to get my never ending list started and in one place. I am not going to stress over the never ending. Just going to try to collect it all in one spot and take it one item at a time.

2016 first post

Cant even believe that 2015 has come and gone… boy did that happen FAST. I’d like to say that the holidays were low key but I am simply glad that we are through them. Really looking forward to getting the wee one back on a schedule. The ending of a year and starting of a new one does have me thinking about resolutions and the “not” scheduling life improvements but considering the choices that I seem to make everyday. It might just be time for a 21-day blog challenge or 21 day detox. There’s just enough time to fit that in this month and feel like I am working towards improving myself. Goal setting without sticking to the goals is simply uninspiring. Need to take some time to really think about the ONE or TWO item things I’d like to focus on this year. I am leaning towards a running goal like the Boulder Bolder in May. That’s a 10k even with enough time to base train and event train (but maybe just trail running would be enough). As well as a more personal goal like getting back into photography with maybe a show by the end of the year…

Lots to think about nothing really much to worry about.