The chase is on

My heart goes out to our dog. Life as he knows it has drastically changed. He is know a hound on the edge. The wee loves chasing him. One his own or with the y bikes support. From room to room he toddlers after the dog. I came out this morning to the living room only to find the dog shaking and trying to hide behind the couch…

Change. We are all adjusting.


#MicroblogMondays – the season of change

Still wondering where winter has gone in Colorado. Not that we arent enjoying the spring conditions just would love to have more snow to ski on! With the wee walking and spring arriving early I can help but feel that the season of change is certainly upon us. Guessing we will have a last gasp of winter. Have hopes that it will last for more than a week but this does mean we will have to trudge through the mud season more than twice… never fun.

Books for new moms

After our infant experience our thoughts on gifts for new born parents has changed drastically. No longer do we think that onesie or new blanket makes the most sense and as much as we love the Nose Frida most new parents wont really appreciate that one until they need it. So we’ve switched to a simple set of 4 books.

Soft travel book – either animals or textures

Guess How Much I Love You – board book

If Animals Kissed Good Night – board book

and then either Dada by Jimmy Fallon or an Eric Carlye board book

You can never go wrong with books

My favorite book in February

It came today and I absolutely adore this book. Have not spend any other time in my life, seeing, thinking or reading about sloths but since Roth has moved into our hearts just days before this books arriva… Well it just makes sharing this story that much more special –
If animals kissed good night is the book – sloth and her cub are still kissing good night.

The Wee’s favorite February books

We have been cycling through so many books since the wee’s arrival. What has been amazing to see has been his interest in a few. I mentioned the Hi book and that remains a favorite but he also loves, loves, loves

Brown Bear Slide and Find – he slides and slides and wants to read this book again and again. I admit I have taken to hiding it when he naps so he doesnt see it and want to read it. I need a Brown Bear break on occasion.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.25.59 PM.png


Giant book of animals – This is a great book for distracting the wee. If he’s getting fussy or unruly one of us will sit down and just open this to read and the wee will dash over to see. Or he’ll settle down to see what’s going to happen if he sees it in hand. It can be pretty funny to watch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.22.52 PM


Toot – I think this is one he loves because the huzz cant stop laughing when he reads it to him. There’s also a page with everyone drumming in music class and the wee will look through the book to find this page, point and chat with you about it. I honestly dont know whats better. The huzz laughing while reading this books or the wee enjoying the drumming pages. Win win all around.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.28.45 PM.png