On the mend

Winter has decided to visit Colorado again. Maybe just for the day… We will have to just wait and see. Currently we have no power. I can’t even stress about it because the wee is on the mend. He woke up smiling!!! Oh how I have missed his perky self. This past week of fevers that turned into a cold have been gut wrenching.

Yes I knew this was going to happen and yes I though I was ready but I really felt unprepared.

Trying  to lock down our thermometer situation. The kinsa ear is fast but not terribly accurate. Seems like temps can range a whole half point off. Which might not seem crazy but would really like to know when the fever is on the rise. We are trying out the Friedafever with some waterproof tape on the seam.

In terms of pain medication all I can say is be sure of your kids weight and know the max dose! Acetaminophen did nothing for his fever. Zero effect. Ibuprofen worked for only a short bit and then the fever would break through. I called the Doc and found out I was “under dosing” but it was the dose that was given to us on our last visit. And of course  better to under dose than over dose –

Unless you are trying to bring a fever DOWN! So we ended at the max 5ml dose 4×24 for 2 days and change. Any time I tried to delay or cut back the fever rose.

I kept hearing “treat the child not the fever”. He really didn’t break through the  103.3 mark. Tried to keep him comfortable and in layers. He just seemed distressed all week. Up until this morning. I went and got a warm mist humidifier. Have had it running nonstop. Add to that some elderberry extract for good measure.

The wee has only had a few coughs and some sneezes but I am hopeful that we have headed the cold off from here. 


First fever

Last night was rough! So very very rough. It was the first time the wee one has ever had a fever. The first time he ever whimpered and cried all night long… What a truly horrific experience. And I thought I was prepared.

We had been taking his temp under his arm. Broke down and got the kinsa smart thermometer and it worked amazing when he was feeling well. Even better for the husband (who by the way has been home sick all week). Not so great for hot, tired, grumpy please don’t touch me can’t really tell you what’s wrong little ones. Fit of tears every time I tried to take his temp. Oh my god did I ever feel bad.

No sleep, can’t get sick. Moms do not get sick time.

Alternating between ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Picked up the kinsa ear thermometer from our local apple store and could not be happier with it. The “stick” verson takes 10 seconds to read and when calm and popping the bubbles on screen it’s great. Vey nice to be able to touch the ear and get a reading in a second. Once you know how to place the thermometer it seems to be accurate within .1 or .2 degrees. Close enough for me and no ear covers needed. (will be testing on the husband all weekend)

Grateful we are still nursing as that is clearly a huge comfort to the wee. Abuse to the breasts aside. I so want him to get better quickly…

Standing up diaper change

Another mom skill that I did not know I needed the “standing diaper change”. Beyond tired of wrestling with the wee when trying to change a poopy diaper on the changing table…. He’s too talk for the table now anyway but I haven’t figured out a better solution. Suppose it could be a mat on the floor but he has an interest in watching everything out the window. Now it’s a stand up and change diaper thing. Not too terrible since I have gotten the hang of it. The diapers are currently not as snug as when I mount them horizontally but the vertical skills are progressing. More importantly there is not screaming, pinning, WWE moves or tears! That’s a win all around.

Was wondering if now is the time to look into pull ups for the difficult mid day use but not sure if it’s too soon. The wee has shown an interest in toilets and I have been tempted to pick up a bjorn potty for him. Just to start introducing the concept. A lot like we did with cups and silverware. Just not 100% on it and when in doubt we tend towards the cautious side.

Shoes for the newly walking

Shoes… where do I start. I had not really given too much thought to shoes and what type of shoe would be needed when the Frankenstein walking begins. When we are indoors no matter how cold outside we tend towards bare feet. The wee spent the winter in his Robeez fleece lined boots and they worked out amazingly well. Our little guy is something of a sock escape artist (footed pjs are a nightmare as he spends most of the time in them trying to pull off the feet…he gets way frustrated as they never come off and it makes footed pj’s just not worth it). Finding those little leather boots kept his feet nice and warm all winter long. BUT we found out they are a no-go at parks with wood chips and out and about outdoors walking. Leather sole shoes do not have a lot of traction (yes thats a DUH mom moment). Might be obvious but I wasnt really prepared for the shoe choices. Shopping for walking shoes is a whole new thing. I know they need to be light weight, flexible, rubber soled for traction. I’d like some type of toe grip for even more climbing traction because climbing is the one thing next to walking he really seeks out and enjoys.

Then there is the whole “still able to crawl faster than walk” thing which leaves the toe top of more structured shoes dragging on the ground and wearing. If there’s no coverage then it seems the shoes wears out fast there AND it’s spring heading into summer time. I have no clue how fast his feet are going to grow. Whatever I buy I am hoping to get at least a few weeks out of them. This narrowed it down to sneakers and sandals. I personally am not so worried about a structured ankle supporting shoe at this stage. Or serious arch supports. The wee is literally just coming into his stride and I’d like to have fitted flexible “soft” support on his feet. I downloaded a few different size charts to measure and started by ordering a pair of Tevas.

Love the Tevas! 5.5 right now is perfect but I know it wont be for long. I love even more that I can see how they fit. Not the most flexible of soles but the wee has no issue in getting around with them.

On to sneakers. Two brands really stood out to me – Geox and Tsukihoshi (Sue-key-hoe-sje). I love, love, love the Tsukihoshi sneakers. Flex joint in the toe space and super light weight, machine washable and easy on/off. I felt very comfortable buying a little larger size and hoping that they last the summer. $30 bucks on Amazon for the orange/lime with free shipping.


I happened to find a pair at the used kids store in Arvada and am trying the Geox out. They are heavier and less flexible than the Tsukihosi but their schtick is that the shoes are breathable with holes in the soles (no wet weather days here) but the wee seems to like them. Will replace them with a pair that lights up from 6pm.com when the time comes.

We started with some gift shoes, a pair of Air Jordans, some merrell moccasins and both baffin and kamik winter boots.


Hoping to spend the summer in the Tsukihoshi sneakers, tevas and the kamik rain boots! Got to love Sierra Trading Post with another 35% off there wasnt a pair above $10.

Microblog Monday – The Fear and worry


I am afraid. Of whats next. What to do. Where we will be and if I will be able to forge my own path back to a job and not just motherhood. I think I have also been afraid of acknowledging my fears. I  was asked recently how I am doing “balancing” motherhood. I found it rather funny. Not sure there is anything like balance now since my 15 month old has other plans. Like teeth coming in, walking and asserting their desires for anything, everything and his place in our world. I do not want the wee one to cultivate fear but am not really sure how to let this fear go or work towards lessening it. I came across a quote recently about how worrying is like paying a debt you dont owe…

Tickle signs and the milk shake

I can look back and say that one of the best “things” we ever did was teach the wee a few signs. We didn’t go crazy with the baby sign language. It’s milk, more, tired, done, diaper/freshie, drink, hungry. Some signs get used daily. Others we don’t see back at all. Book is a good example of this.

However recently the wee launched his own sign to us for “tickle”. It’s his first two fingers touching his thumb again and again. We both had been doing the claw hand tickle. Where you open and close your hand (complete with sound effects) before launching into a full scale tickle.

I had the opportunity to watch the huzz and wee having a tickle fest and as soon as the huzz toned it down – out came the tickle sign. Pure joy. No other words.

I tease the wee after he’s been nursing a while because he can not laugh and nurse at the same time. It’s simply impossible but it doesn’t stop him from trying.

This weekend the teasing turned into the “milk shake”. I asked the wee if he wanted a milk shake and placed my hand under his arm (nursing side up) and gave a gentle rock. Gales of laughter. New word for the weekend – shake!! I must’ve heard shake 50 or more times and now he watches and watches to see if the milk shake is coming. Hope these moments do not haunt him for life.

15 months

Today is the 15 month mark. I truly can not believe how fast the time has flown. The wee is ambling around walking, climbing over anything and everything and chatting up a storm. 15 months. Holy crap. Yes it goes by so damn fast.

We have a doctors appointment tomorrow with the pediatrician that comes to the house. Think it’s a little more pricey than an office visit but we dont have to go to the office. So rather excited about it.

I keep thinking about all the changes we’ve dealt with and what’s new at 15 months. He currently has 4 top teeth coming in. I didnt even realize this until an after bath meltdown where we were on the couch wrestling with a new diaper. I was able to see in all the way and boy did I feel bad. I had no idea those farthest back “second lower” molars were coming in and they look HUGE. 4 at once seems a bit much too. He already has 4 on top and 4 on bottom. With the upper cuspids coming in too. I had to go and look at a chart to figure out what I think is happening.

New with all the walking is more food! This is a big one as we need to have snacks with us at all times. He’s still nursing on demand but sometimes it seems more like he’s just checking in to make sure the access to the milk is still there vs. wanting to nurse. This behavior drives my inlaws nuts. They talk to him and tell him to “get back to his business”… so I have been limiting our visiting. Not sure what else to do. If the wee wants just a small pull I am not going to say no at 15 months. Lets revisit this at 18 or 20 months. He’s also decided that he likes to try one breast and then switch over, switch back and then get down to some chow. If we are home then non of this really bothers me. Out and about now is a different story. Not interested in being topless or fielding the judgy comments. When did people get so uptight about breastfeeding?! AND when the hell did the 12 month mark become the standard for no longer a baby and therefore no longer “should” be nursing?! (Clearly I’ll keep this topic for a rant post for later). But snacks, snacks and more snacks. We need different snacks for outdoor vs. indoor. I sure didnt know.

SHOES! Hate to say it but Robeez dont cut it at the park. Esp if there is wood chips. (Dont get me started on wood chips…) Now we are researching active shoes that are easy to wash.

Climbing! We put a climbing cube in the living room and he loves it. He’s crazy about it. Who knew.

As for me well I started a couch to 2k running program. Need to improve my cardio just to keep up!