The saga of the diaper

So not sure where to start with this one but the wee has found his penis. We call it that and let him know that is what it is called. He is aware. I don’t know why he feels the need to check in with it and touch it 20 times a day but here we are.

Other moms have assured me that this is normal boy behavior. We have checked and double checked that there is nothing going on down there or looking odd. The wee has found a part of himself and he’s interested… Which wouldn’t be all that bad however he’s been folding the diapers down when reaching in and recently I have cleaned up more bodily fluids. It’s like getting used to new born fluids all over again. I have no interest in cleaning up urine. That’s the beauty of diapers. And before the great ideas from other mothers stream my way – I have tried the diaper tight. He leaves claw marks all over his belly. Tried the diaper loose and the pee makes it out fast. Tried going back to cloth and whoa has our output increased. Not even remotely possible is all I can think. So that has left us trying pull ups. Wider sides and easier front access that doesn’t fold down. They smell awful and are pricier than the organic bamboo. I even broke down and grabbed a box a Costco to see if these might solve the penis access… (You can’t see me shaking my head here)


Countdown to the 8th

Its a good thing that time still feels like it’s flying! Counting down to the 8th of July. So ready to close on this new house. It’s been over a year since we decided to purchase and signed a contract. Since the move to SoCal life has just been “snow globed” and not in just a bad way. Just unsettled.

We are also preparing for our first flight with the wee. Heading out to the Pacific NW to see my SIL and her family. This pretty much means we have introduced the ipad with a crap ton of apps. It’s been both brilliant and terrifying to watch. At just 18 months I thought we’d be able to track down an animal sound app or something along those lines… well we have and then some. The wee was up and running in about an hour. He knows his way around the apps with the easy of a toddler. We do not watch TV. At all. We own a TV (somewhere in storage) and the wee has been out to sports bars where they are on. I think we did a superbowl thing earlier this year and he was mesmerized. Anyway the theory here was if we are going to travel on a plane we wanted a way to both focus and distract. Needless to say he’s a huge fan. Spend some time chatting with other moms about apps and have been really surprised to see what he gravitates towards. We have really enjoyed the Dr Suess ABC’s and really anything Dr Suess app or book. We downloaded a few bundled apps – because why not and the funny thing is he loves a few random ones that I would have never thought. Fox and Sheep has an app that I have heard from a few moms called Petting Zoo. For traveling they have said that it’s a great distraction and there’s secret swipe moves! Surprise and delight. They also have an app called Animal Doctor which is just like it sounds.Then there’s the random style pony app. The wee adores this one. I so dont get it but he loves loves loves it. I just cringe when I hear the music. But you wash, style and dress up ponies. He’s taken pics of most of the ponies he’s styled and gone back with the huzz to view them. Ridiculous.

Peek-a-Zoo HD, the free app called Chomp, this one uses the camera to put your face in the animations, everything Dr Suess, drawing Carl light sabre… the list goes on and on.

We still have mixed feelings about “screen” time and we do consider the ipad screen time. Although we have no downloaded any media that is just sit and watch. Everything right now is interactive and that just “feels” better for us. Ipad was a really quick vocabulary word. Havent replaced his books or park time with the ipad but am certain we can head off a meltdown on the plane – period. Next up is headphone usage so everyone doesnt have to listen to the pony music.

Since March

I have no idea where we have been since March. Nursing and chasing the wee for sure. He’s a huge year and a half old (or 18 months). So beautiful and amazing. There are moments where I am still struck that we are this lucky to have him. Motherhood is good. 

We are still waiting for the new home to be completed. July 8th is our closing date. We have brought the wee by a few times and then over to the park nearby. Now every time we go he wants to go over to the park. Think this is a good sign of things to come. The wee walked for just a day and now all he does is run. I have loved his crazy Japanese sneakers. Had to get new Tevas that cover his toes. When he gets tired (and it’s like a switch was flipped he still crawls)

We prepped and rented our ski place in the high country. A little sad on this one but it was time. Also didn’t think I could deal with vrbo rentals. We have yet to leave Axel with anyone. The huzz has been covering for me on the mornings I want to go to class. I started crossfit about a month ago and so far it just sucks but I am determined to drop some pounds. It’s just time. Carrying a 30 pound kid doesn’t just “make you stronger” it also hurts. Need a solid foundation for body mechanics and I am not going to complain over losing the rest of the baby weight.