Super awkward 

I feel super awkward meeting new moms and then on play dates. Not sure I can really explain it. I am not “bubbly and friendly”. I have always had just ok friends. More of the fair weather type or long time friends that call every year or so and we catch up but don’t ever see. Even my oldest friend in Boulder has just become a weekly phone call that is more catch up on what’s happening than hang out and do something or have fun. Maybe friendships aren’t all about fun.

But meeting new people is hard for me. Then following up for play dates etc… I try not to read into things but sometimes it’s blantant. Like today. Set up a quick play date after class with two little girls and their moms. I will say that they have girls the same age and clearly much more in common. One mom is always on time and the other runs late but it’s when the transitions happen… mom “A” has a hard time talking with me. She asks questions and then if I reciprocate she says she “can’t think of anything to say” in response to my inquiry about how her weekend was. Seriously. Then we just get quiet and watch the kids play. Mom “B” shows up and I get to hear how the weekend was IN DETAIL from mom A to mom B. Then the mom asks how her birthday was etc and on and on. I find that I would rather be anywhere else

    than listening to all the goings on that mom A doesn’t feel like sharing when it’s just us. And it’s never anything scandalous or eyebrow raising. It’s all very everyday stuff.

    I get it. Not everyone likes folks the same but it was the first time that I realized these people really like my kid and aren’t so comfortable with me. I know this says more about me. I was just so surprised. I didn’t even know it was her birthday. But didn’t want to blurt that out mid-their conversation. I have been out with mom A to the zoo – just the two of us. Have met her and her little one for a walk around a lake a time or two. Had her over to the house for a play date… i had to duck out of the play day early. Too awkward.


    2 thoughts on “Super awkward ”

    1. The appeal and perhaps the very concept of play dates eludes me. My inner misanthrope comes out and I just can’t. To date I have attended exactly zero play dates. I’ve caught up with friends with kids. But they’re friends outside of us having kids. That’s it. I would have left early too. And said no to every future encounter. Which I hope you have. Life is too short for people we don’t connect with. I’m all about the misanthropy these days. Maybe it’s my job? Work politics certainly leaves me hating humans.

      1. I think you bring up a great point – life is too short for people that we dont connect with. The hardest part is I know how important positive social interaction is for the wee one at this age. He’s such a tender guy. Loves to share toys and hold hands. When I ask if he wants to see A or B kids he gets so excited and wonders if they will hold his hand… overall I think he has a great time with them. I can weather at least the park if they are playing but not meals and not one-on-one interactions. I have no clue what the future holds but I wont be reaching out.

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