Ugh. Having a December baby makes school a little bit of a challenge. We arent able to do the “3” year old class/summer camps and he can not start preschool at Friends School in Boulder. He’s made friends that he really really likes – 3 year old girls – they are starting preschool there in September but because of the cutoff at the end of Sept he can not. Developmentally he is simply ahead of his peers. At this age it’s a night and day thing. There are a few kid just days younger than him but they are just at a different space. I am not a drum banger mom with the “look at how smart my kid is”. I am just really concerned that he will have no conversation or interaction with the younger group and being unable to move forward with the older group. Well it’s just a hard place to be.

We went over to the CLC at the University of Colorado and that was a different experience altogether. Not quite the other end of the spectrum but the teacher feels the wee one would be bored in the toddler play group (and it was obvious during the tour that there was a large developmental gap there). She wants him in the preschool class. Thats the m/w/f class and first and foremost I am not sure that I am at a place where I want to give up my kiddo 3 days a week… just not ready. Their space is also pretty small. And on a random side note that may make me sound like an ignorant parent but there’s no help for it – there are more than half of the kids that are developmentally challenge. I have no judgement on that I just worry about my little one not having peer social exposure. They kept telling me how “diverse” they are. Not a big concern of mine as there isnt a lot of diversity locally and I am not sure how much of a factor at this stage it is. At the not sure. Too much time away and just really unsure about the over half of the kids dealing with “issues” things. There was too much excitement about having him come and modeling for the other kids… maybe I am being unfair but got to go with my gut on this one. Back to the JCC.


4 thoughts on “Preschool”

    1. We decided to enroll him in preschool based on the age cutoff that would ultimately apply when he starts kindergarten, so he started a 2yo program, and then immediately turned 3. There are still a few kids in his class that are 2, but he really really loves school and some of his best friends in his class are much younger than him. I wouldn’t worry about it to much — if you’re going the public school route in the future, those are the kids he’ll be in school with, and what seems like a huge difference to you and me, kids don’t really notice.

      1. The interesting thing is when we go the public school route we can test for early placement in Kindergarten. It’s the social end of things that seems to have so many restrictions. Who would have thought. AND since we do not need fulltime care it’s harder to find part time options for true social, kid directed play places. Good news is there really are no “wrong” choices.

      2. In our state we can only test early up to Oct. 1 birthdays, and he’s the end of the month so there’s so question for us. I’m glad he’s the oldest in his class though, it suits him.

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