Tale of two Megan’s

So I have been trying to get out and get the kiddo socializing with other kiddos. Pretty much a bust so far. We are also still nursing. Have been working on night weaning. One step forward and forty back but thats another post. We havent been having the best nights sleep. I am bleary and not all there (see post about turning work down). BUT here’s a great example of my life these days.

Neighbors daughter invited us over for a play date. We went. Other moms were there. This was in Boulder – this is an important point. I was introduced and surprised at the crowd but went with it. Brought a coffee with 3 shots of espresso. Trying to be present and keep up. The host “Megan” kept referring to Megan. I was so confused. Wondering if she was speaking about herself in the third person… This went on for the duration of the visit. Megan will, megan has… you get the idea. AND this is Boulder. Weird is normal. She could refer to herself in the third. No completely crazy but made me so uncomfortable the whole time…

well 10 minutes before I feel I can politely excuse myself from this crazy lady I realize the OTHER mom is named Megan… I am an ass. AND I blurt out exceptionally relived – “OH YOU ARE BOTH NAMED MEGAN…”  then I share why I am so relived.

Not sure I’d invite me back.


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