I worry about school and the wee one

Worry. I wish I could shake it but I worry about the kiddo and school. The schools in our district are great. I also have really really enjoyed our time at Friends School in Boulder. I’d love for preschool to be there but we miss the age cut off and next year seems a world away. I worry mainly because I know that the social component is so critical at this stage. I have tried the play date route and it’s just not working. Not in the least. I can certainly keep trying but it’s very disheartening. For me. Not sure the kid notices. Which is really the best I could hope for. But the worry is something that I wish I could shake. SO since I like to plan and plan I am visiting more preschools to see if there’s a good fit. I havent completely ruled out CU but I am a little anti parting with my wee one for three days a week. Not sure I can handle it. Yes its coming. The days when he will have stuff to do but I am so grateful to have this time. It’s a fine line between wanting him to socialize and not being with him.



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