The best preparations always go awry!

Traveling with the wee was a challenge! I did feel really prepared but there were a few places where I felt I fell down. I did not feel prepared for more teeth arriving. I did not bring nipple cream! I felt like a chew toy the whole trip. I didn’t even consider that after a two-day car ride not only would he be grumpy but the wee might need more quiet time and space to chill before a group of new faces descend and crowd around him. Wee’s stress lead him straight to the breasts… I tried to see if we could introduce more stress before and gage how he’d do. We had been taking a few longer car rides in order to test the new carseat. We even met with a few friends both out and about and at their place. Had our first few shopping trips from the inside of the cart… lots of new but I still felt like I could’ve given him more peace and slowed the pace down. This reflection is more hindsight than anything.

I also tried to streamline the clothing that I was packing knowing I was still going to need summer and warmer clothing. Never know with boats and water or shade and islands. I tried to limit his take to 5 summer sets, 3 warmer pants with tops, one really warm head-to-toe onesie, 2 pj sets and a Patagonia puff jacket that packs like a napkin with two hats on with ears and one cotton cap. Well we crapped our way through all of the 5 summer sets and extra pjs that I brought within the first 24 hours. Seriously. Had to move onto the heavier sets and those only lasted through the next day. I always have an emergency set of clothes in the car and thank goodness. But so not the way to try to simplify the things for the trip. Next time double both bottoms and tops with at least 4 extra blankets AND mittens or handcovers. Socks don’t cut it.

I also forgot to bring a thermometer which in any other setting would not have been a big deal but on this island there was no 24hr place to grab one. We had never dealt with a fever or illness but know that it’s coming at some point. At home we’ve got it dialed in. Just managed to space this one (oh did I feel bad). The wee had what I can only call a projectile vomiting episode early one night. He was sleeping after nursing and rolled away flat on his back. Fountained everything in his stomach up. It took less than 2 seconds and terrified me. I was grateful to be right next to him! Otherwise I may not have completely understood what happened if just looking at the wet debris. Still can’t tell if it was something that he ate. Too much Jolly Jumping or what. He did not “feel” like he had a fever but this was the oh shit moment where I realized I did not bring a thermometer or any type of fever reducer (what was I thinking?!). Everything else under the sun but…. epic mom fail. New travel list in the works.