Self Feeding Adventures

We are still rolling with the Baby Led Weaning process. I’ve been thinking of our style as more “Lazy Mom” but that really isn’t it. We are just giving the bottles a miss altogether. We haven’t purchased one in the last 7 months and at this point why bother? Also not jumping into cereals and jars of food… I guess it’s just our crooked path through his infancy.

So far we have tried mushy pieces of banana, avocado, thin threads of apple raked off with fork, corn cob, and small diced of strawberry, mango and blueberries. All seem to have been well received. When we sit down to eat lunch and I don’t want to do a major clean up I’ll give him the large half of a cold carrot and he will gum it for the entire lunch very happily. Although yesterday we cut up a hard boiled egg yolk into smaller pieces and watched him put small chunks in his mouth and chew all through dinner. Then it was on to sucking his hands for the rest. He seemed pretty happy. It was only the small chunks of salmon that brought out the best “what the hell is this and why is it in my mouth” face. Then we ended up with flaked salmon on him rather than in him. I’d still call it a success. He’s chewing and chewing. It’s clear you can gum food to death. The huzz was distracted while holding him after dinner and surprisingly got his thumb chomped on. He’s still stunned by how hard the wee gummed down. Time to watch where our digits are while holding him.

I’d say that the bed led weaning is a messy process. But the bjorn bibs help somewhat. I also like that they are not made in China. If only our dog was a real dog and helped clean up. The only thing he’ll eat or run away with are the carrots. Those cold carrots can keep the wee entertained for so much longer than I ever thought possible. Must feel really good on the gums with that tooth coming in.